Telit LE910C1-EU Not getting GNSS position

I have the Telit module on my RaspPi 3, All installed OK, or so it seems but I cannot get any GPS data out of it.
Tried all the gpsd things from Telit module but nothing doing.

So I went into using Minicom, I can talk to the GPS module fine:
It is powered up (AT$GPSP =1)
It is set to stream unsolicited NMEA (AT$GPSNMUN=1,1,1,1,1,1,1)
It is set to use all GNSS sources (AT$GNSSSLCT=0)
But I just don’t get any position (AT$GPSACP=blank line)

The antenna is outside the window pointing straight up to clear sky.
I can get GPS fix on a USB patch in the same place using my windows PC so the satellites haven’t all fallen out of the sky🙄

I have turned it all off and on again several times :laughing:

At the end of the day I want to pull the NMEA stream into a Python script.

Any pointers gratefully received as I’m out of ideas.

How long did you wait?
I honestly had to wait about 20minutes to get a fix with the antenna hanging from the house second floor window. Once the sat cache is built, it gets a fix much quicker.

Its been sat there for an hour today and the same several days last week, just doesn’t seem to seeing anything maybe?
Yes, the antennae are plugged into the right sockets, the AT commands that define the type and report the voltage both return 0 but are redundant in the LE910CX so don’t think they mean anything here.

Just a thought, at this point I don’t think it is relevant but will be later, my kernel version is 4.19.66, I think I need to be on at least 4.8 for the 1206 composition to work (I have no idea what that means).

Maybe I’ll run up a new SD with the latest OS release and start again from there, I was trying to avoid that as the build I have is running OpenCV quite nicely and I remember that being a real pain to get to happen.

For info in case anyone else ends up here:

I created a new boot using the latest Rasbian release (Ver 10 - Buster, Kernel 5.10.17 )
Installed the Sixfab core (I have a sixfab sim) which gave me 4G up and running.
Followed the below link again to sort out gpsd etc :
The modem was on USB3 this time and I had data streaming on dev/ttyUSB1
Ran xgps which almost worked apart from objecting to not finding foreign struct convertor for “cairo.Context”
Fixed that by following this link Fix Context , not that I needed to fix it but it niggled…

So then I grabbed this piece of code to test read the gpsd feed, as long as you run it under python2.7 as the gps module doesn’t have a python 3 version it is all fine.

And bingo, 4G and GPSD all running, time to first fix is pretty damn quick, by the time I’ve fiddled about getting a terminal window up and running xgps it is there and running.

Thanks to the authors I’ve linked to, all credit to them, I just joined the dots.

i have the same problem… did you resolved it?.. can you did this python script for get the NMEA stream?

the fix i detailed earlier works but i had to abandon the Telit module completely because when it can’t find a cellular signal it reboots itself and the six fab core resets all the usb ports dropping all my sensor connections. Good luck !