Sixfab Power Dashboard

hello, does this power.sixfab dashboard exist? at least there is a login and you can register but I can’t get any further after logging in! or do I do something wrong ?! and one more question, why is the battery capacity limited to 10000mah actually that doesn’t matter, in my case i have a 25Ah li-ion battery.

mfg marco

Hi @marxter ,

The power.sixfab dashboard is no longer available for new users. It will be available for old users for a while. We recommend using the power API for UPS HAT.

unfortunately my knowledge of programming is very limited, i have been trying for days how to make this api story visible with a small website. What I get are the pyhton examples to be executed in the interpreter and a few settings to be made, what still works is that I get a few values ​​in json via localhost: 6060 / metrics. Of course, it doesn’t look nice and is impractical. I need some example of how to use the api. I can build you a cnc mill with all the comforts or a powerwall made of recycled 18650 cells, whatever program ??? :slight_smile: