Power Hat Web Dashboard - Still Supported?

Is the web dashboard (power.sixfab.com) for the V.1 Power Hat still supported and operational?

I came across a post in this forum that makes me think the web dashboard is no longer operational:

Prior to today I’ve been able to login to the dashboard but cannot for the life of me get the Power Hat to connect to the dashboard now.

Access to sensor readings for the hat are available via the Python API, but I am not able to access any settings or readings from the hat using the web dashboard.

Can anyone confirm the status of the Power Hat web dashboard?

I’ve tried everything I could find on this forum to get it working but the Power Hat continues to to remain disconnected from the network…even though it’s been working fine for the past several months.

Any comments from Sixfab on this matter would be much appreciated.

Same question here. A system I had that was working a week or two ago is now showing disconnected all the time. I am getting occasional emails from the system indicating a loss of connectivity but I can see from the log files on the pi that it is connected to your servers.

It looks like the site itself is unable to open a websocket connection to Sixfab’s MQTT server in order to fill in the data on the page:

@ensar - is Sixfab still supporting the web dashboard?

After the complete absence of any response from Sixfab on this topic I’m left to believe they’ve stopped supporting the web dashboard for their powerhat.

@ensar you appear to be sixfab’s representative on this forum. As such, do you have anything to add to the conversation to confirm Sixfab’s enexpected and seemingly undocumented discontinuation of the web dashboard for the powerhat?

The web dashboard interface for this product was a key feature that drove my decision to purchase this product. Please don’t make me regret my decision to purchase this product.

The python API works but the web dashboard was one of the key features that differentiated Sixfab from other manufactures.

If Sixfab has indeed discontinued support for the web dashboard then please make a public announcement to those existing users to end the ambiguity of whether the service is or isn’t offered anymore.


The Sixfab power platform is supported for UPS v1 only.
UPS HAT v2 should be used using the python API.

There was a MQTT-based issue and has been resolved. Could you please recheck your platforms?