Reducing power consumption of the 3g/4g&lte base hat

I’m using the 3g/4g&lte hat and would like to reduce its power consumption as possible:
a) turn off LEDs on the HAT board, b) send the HAT to sleep periods, c), etc.
I’ve started reading about Sixfab’s Power Software and it looks that it tracks the UPS HAT.

My questions are:

  1. Can the Power Software be used with the 3g/4g&lte HAT?
  2. Are there ways to control the HAT board LEDs?
  3. How can I set the HAT (and modem) to sleep mode?


Hi @boaz.schwartz

  1. Yes, you can.
  2. Only the USER LED connected to GPIO27 is the programmable LED.
  3. Power consumption of the Base HAT is very low. Please see for the modem: Sleep mode 3g/4g Base Hat with EC25 Mini module