Sleep mode 3g/4g Base Hat with EC25 Mini module

I have a 3g/4g base Hat with a EC25 Mini installed in a Raspberry 4 with Rasbian (buster).

How can I turn on sleep mode?

Hello @miguel.won,

Please follow the section 13.5. AT + QSCLK Enable/Disable Entering into Sleep Mode.

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Thanks. Do you know how can I check if it is working? I send the AT command I have a OK replay. But not sure if it is working. I’m monitoring gpio 13 (DTR) and after I send the AT command to sleep nothing happens.

If you get the response “OK” after giving the command AT+QSCLK=1, the sleep mode turns on.

The manual says:

“The command is used to control whether the module enters into sleep mode. When entering into sleep mode is enabled, DTR is pulled up and WAKEUP_IN is pulled up, the module can directly enter into sleep mode. If entering into sleep mode is enabled, DTR is pulled down and WAKEUP_IN is pulled down, there is a need to pull the DTR pin and the WAKEUP_IN pin up first, and then the module can enter into sleep mode.”

and after I send the AT command I don’t see DTR pulled up. This similar module (SIM7600) goes to sleep mode only if host support suspenstion or if there is a “cut off USB_VBUS”. Do you think is the same of the EC25 Mini PCle 4G/LTE?

You can completely disconnect the power of HAT by driving GPIO26 to a HIGH-level voltage state.

There are three preconditions when enabling EC25 Mini PCIe to enter into the sleep mode:

a) Execute AT+QSCLK=1 command to enable the sleep mode.
b) DTR pin should be kept in high level (pull-up internally).
c) USB interface on Mini PCIe must be connected with the USB interface of the host and please
guarantee the USB of the host is in suspended stated.