Quectel modem power cycling/disconnecting repeatedly

I have recently purchased one of the development kits and have encountered an issue where the Quectel modem is repeatedly “disconnecting” and then “attaching” to the Pi.

The issue is similar to Device files keep coming and going every few seconds in that the output of dmesg shows the various devices (ttyUSB0-3) repeatedly disconnecting and reattaching.

I have already disabled modemmanager, but this has not made a difference.

Is this possibly a power consumption issue? Any advice is appreciated


Are you using the Power Adapter that came with the KIT?
What is the kernel version of your Raspberry Pi OS?

Jumping in here as I also have the same issue. Output from uname -a:
Linux mars 5.10.17-v7l+ #1414 SMP Fri Apr 30 13:20:47 BST 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux