Power management & UPS HAT auto shutdown

I test a power management & UPS HAT
it occur auto shutdown issue,
Please see attached video file , how can i to solve it? thanks



Do you have any scheduling events or set a safe shutdown level?
Can you please let me know the firmware version?
If you are not registered on the power portal, register and update your device.

Hi @jy_tang-5409 / @ensar - looking at your UPS_HAT.mov, i am experiencing the exact same issue (I have a post here) Pi Crashing when UPS Shield Attached where i am logging my symptoms/debugging

@jy_tang-5409 - in my case the Pi was shutting down (I think) due to the battery being too low - if you read the docs, when the battery is < 5% then the pi will shutdown.

in my case i was running without a battery - but in my testing it seems the shield looks at the last known state and takes that as fact. I let the battery charge to full and I can run with or without the battery (and L2 is solid green) - but when the battery is <5% it will boot then shutdown (though it doesn’t appear to gracefully shutdown, it just pulls the power!)

I can’t see from your video if you have a battery installed - but your L2 is solid green, so that means you have might have a different issue to me. But check your battery, and also check the capacity and health just to eliminate those possibilities.

I think this is an issue. I’m writing about it over in this thread:

My device behaves the same as you video: after it boots up, it shuts down until S1 is pressed.