3G/4G & LTE Base Hat USB connection and power supply

I was able to use this solution (external 5V) for about a year. I’m now having the same issues as @bramez. I have 4 failed HATs that seem to have a failed voltage regulator. Have you changed the sourcing of this part recently?

It looks like there’s already 100uF of capacitance on the input. My power supply uses a relay so I was worried the voltage was jumping past 5V temporarily, but I doubt that’s the case with such a high input capacitance. Also, the TI part is rated for 7V.

Is there anything else we can do to limit power surges into that part? I’m assuming that’s the problem, but maybe it’s something else?

Also, do you have a part number for the fuse you’re using? I want to look at the trip and hold current limits.

@saeed Can you help with any of the questions above?