New Jetson Nano Hat

Regarding the new Jetson Nano Hat (category doesn’t exist yet),
Will you be selling just the hat (and usb adapter) when you release this product? Or will we have to buy the whole kit. I’ve been using Quectel EC25-AF Modules with the rpi hat on the nano for some time, but I’m uncertain if you’ll sell it with this module.

Additionally, have you verified the power issues? The Nano Dev Kit can only provide 1.9A over USB, so it often underpowers your RPI hat and the LTE service drops out (can be as much as 1 drop out every minute). I have to power your RPI hat through an external source to make this work and then I have issues overpowering the voltage regulator (see here).

Hello @stephen.smith,

Thank you for your interest.

We will be selling the HAT in KIT only.

Due to the mentioned limitation the Jetson Nano HAT is not powered over the USB, rather it is powered through the 5V of the GPIO header.