Wwwan0 IPv6 addr but not IPv4

I have an old asset and the SDcard snapped. I installed a new OS, not a supported OS but a Debian-based Linux Distro, and went through the Sixfab CORE setup. Everything installed fine, no errors. Main Sixfab asset dashboard shows data usage. Sixfab CORE dashboard shows excellent signal from cellular modem. AT commands show latest modem firmware. But wwlan0 does not come up on its own and ip addr shows the interface as down.

I used ip link set dev wwan0 up and the interface is assigned an IPv6 address but not an IPv4 address. Pinging IPv4 on wwlan0 doesn’t work (yes, I know, but had to try).

So, not sure where to go from here. Recommendations would be appreciated.

Thank you


I recommend using CORE on a supported OS. If you want, you can uninstall CORE and follow the ECM tutorial.

Hmmm, yes, works with vanilla RaspberryPi OS. Dang, was trying to get Debian-based Kali installed. Since this is working, and I understand it better, I might try it later. Need to press on with this effort, first.

Thank you, ensar.