Wwan0 has IP but can't ping sixfab.com

My system shows up in sixfab connect, but it says cellular service unavailable. I can see the interface has an IP address, and it can ping the gateway. However any routing past that is blocked.

Hi @lradish ,

If you activate the remote support setting of your device and share the support key with me, I can help you quickly. Could you PM me your remote-support token so that I can check and solve it? Thanks.

The SIM you are using is not registered. You inserted a different SIM from the one you created the device with. So the cellular connection is not available because it is not registered to the network.

Thank you for your assistance, I will swap the sims when I get back on-site. Are there any other steps I need to take once they get swapped?

No, just insert your active SIM. Cellular connectivity will be available.

After swapping the cards, there was no change to my connectivity. Would you be able to take another look?