Why no *direct* SMS?

So… I’m trying to make this item. Technically, it’s a life/mission-critical device.

Direct SMS is as reliable as you’re going to get. No backhaul issues unless it’s all down- congestion doesn’t cause the traffic to be lost or majorly delayed. No DDOS issues with the Internet. It’s what the telcos use for their own internal comms for this and many other reasons.

So…why do we have to do a rube-goldberg of signing up for AWS/Azure/etc., going over the fairly unreliable Connected Internet, to their website, and jumping through their hoops JUST to send an SMS message?

Is there no way to get a provisioning change for this device that lets me send AT commands to emit an SMS message to a designated caller?

No responses. Not really surprising.

For someone that made great harware…your software and services leaves loads to be desired, really.

Can’t really do ULP.
Can’t really do SMS (Quit kidding yourselves- you needed it.).
Can’t really do anything other than HTTPS rube-goldberg contraptions.
Can’t do it in anything other than MicroPython- which is insecure.

Good thing it’s only $60 for the board. I wasn’t out much. Maybe I’ll figure out a use later on…it’s just not usable for much in my books with things as they are now.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on SMS reliability. We hear you on the challenges with our current process. Unfortunately, enabling direct AT commands for SMS isn’t possible right now.

We value your feedback, and while we can’t make changes immediately, we’re always working on improvements. Your feedback is noted, and we’ll consider it for future improvements. If you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know.