Which kit to receieve SMS via sixfab sim?

My goal is to create a device to receive SMS and forward these via email or pushbullet or something like that. I’m happy to purchase a kit but i’m unsure how to chose between the 4G/LTE kit and the LTE-M kit. I would plan to use this with the sixfab sim service. lte-m sounds like it would be ideal for this but knowing nothing about this I don’t want to select the wrong option. I don’t want to send or receive any data via the lte modem, only sms, this device will have ethernet connection for internet. I’m in the united states.

Also related and very important. Would the number provided by sixfab sim be considered a mobile number? Many 2FA auth systems only allow mobile carrier numbers, blocking even things like google voice! (Discord is one of these).

Thanks for any help.

Hi @diabolical ,

Sixfab SIM does not support sending/receiving SMS messages.