Which device do I choose for my SIM in the dashboard?

I have my new EG25-G, and new SIM, and I think I’ve activated the SIM. But my device will be a “FoxBox” email-SMS gateway appliance (based on PC Engines ALIX 6). Since it’s neither a RPi nor nVidia Nano, I’m not sure if the setup URL will help. Before I try to add the SIM to the device, I wanted to ask if I need to select a device in my SIM dashboard (it is defaulting to RPi…)

Thank you for the help, and the answers in the community. They have been helpful.


Are you using the Sixfab SIM card?

I am, how can I share the ID with you privately?

I have the card installed, and Voyage Linux sees is as USB 1-2 (a good sign).

I probably need to investigate the AT command structure next, to try to query if I’m finding the local ATT tower…