What is the Qwiic Connector for? (when 18650 holder broken off from main HAT)


Today I took the step to remove the 18650 battery holder from the HAT due to space reasons in my case (ended up having to use a hacksaw, is there a better/recommended way?) - this went OK. I have the battery connected from J5-J10; but in the product page I notice when the battery holder is broken away the Qwiic cable is used as well - i went through the documentation but find no reference to what the Qwiic cable is used for - it doesn’t say to connect it after breaking away the battery holder

The Qwiic cable and the qwiic connectors(J1-J11) on board are used to read the temperature of the battery holder card when battery holder broke off from UPS HAT. This feature is under development.

Thank you.