What is the maximum PPP speed?

Hi, I know I can use QMI, but what’s the highest speed over PPP that I can realistically get, given that I have max signal strength?

Edit: Answer: anywhere from 115kbps to 1.5mbps. Not really an answer, but I’ll test to see how fast I can get mine to go

Hi @airwaffle ,
Please check the below link for the maximum internet speed of the module used:

Also, for more information on the speed of the PPP connection, please see the following links:

So you’re saying PPP speed is max 150mbps? Got it, thanks.
I know the LTE specs, but I’d like to know the actual limitations of the PPP interface.
Some research says 115kbps, but also that it can be increased?

Edit: Thanks. Got the links. For anyone else: (minimum recommend) speed is 115 kbps, but can theoretically reach ~1.5 mbps.