What is the latest ME910C1-WW firmware?

Dear Sixfab,

My ME910C1-WW Cat-M1 unit is reporting the software version as…


Please can you tell me whether this is the latest and greatest and where I can get the latest if not?

Thank you.


Your module firmware is up to date. You can download the latest firmware from the product page.

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It’s curios that my software version is
as opposed to
It suggests they are different?


Sorry I missed it! The latest firmware on the product page.

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After what was a seemingly successful firmware upgrade, the version reported is still the same!

I had similar problems and attempted to update the firmware for this same module and the firmware has made the module completely unresponsive. Is there someone who can assist?

Hi @nathan.r.taylor ,

Can you provide more information about the stage at which the module is failing to respond during the update process? Are you able to see the module in the output of the lsusb command on the Raspberry Pi?