What is the firmware upgrade procedure? where is it documented?

Can someone point me to the documentation on how to update the software and firmware for the power hat please?


ah, found it on another post on this forum:


@jason-4377 did you successfully update the firmware on your device using these instructions?


I haven’t had a chance to yet. Hopefully in the next few days

Hi @jason-4377,
You can update the firmware through the configuration tab on the power.sixfab.com.
If you want to do this manually, please follow these instructions meticulously.

Thank you.

Here is what I found

I couldn’t get the software to update using the official instructions. Pressing and holding both buttons never turns any LED magenta and repeated execution on the update script does not work.
Using the dashboard to update the board does not work and configurations are not pushed to the device

What worked:

  • Stop and disable pms_agent sudo systemctl stop pms_agent.service && sudo systemctl disable pms_agent.service
  • Update python API pip3 install sixfab-power-python-api --upgrade
  • Shutdown pi and press S2 before powering on.
  • While pressing only S2 power pi on (using the type-c port on the hat) and wait until LED 2 lights a constant green - about 3 seconds hold should do
  • Run update software on terminal. May require multiple runs. Mine started updating after 3 runs
  • Enable and restart pms_agent sudo systemctl enable pms_agent.service && sudo systemctl restart pms_agent.service

After this the hat works perfectly with the fun cooling. I hope the team gets to address this so at least the fan runs without requiring a software update

I could not get the light to turn the correct color in V2.7

For me the solution that worked was to add three lines to the beginning of the ‘try’ block in update_firmware.py (just about the for):


This will put the mcu in the correct mode regardless of the button pushing (do not press the buttons during any part of the process) .