What is the difference between the power and disable GPIO pins?

What is the difference between the power and disable GPIO pins?
this is question from Cellular IoT HAT FAQ
answer: The power pin controls the power of the BG96 module while the disable pin controls the power regulator of the HAT.

my additional question: Where the disable pin is located? GPIO number?
and what is power regulator of the HAT ?

Please give some examples how to regulate power of the HAT.

Hi @dima ,

The Cellular IoT HAT contains the Quectel BG96 module.
The POWER DISABLE PIN(GPIO17) is a pin that regulates the power of the HAT, which contains, SIM, Quectel BG96 module, EEPROM etc. Normally pulled-down, when this pin drove to HIGH, HAT’s power will cut off.

While the BG96 POWERKEY PIN(GPIO24) is to regulate the Quectel BG6 module only. The module can be turned on by driving this pin to a HIGH-level voltage more than 500ms then pulling it down. You can apply the same process to power down to the module if it is already powered up.

The STATUS PIN(GPIO 23) can be used to indicate the operation status of the BG96 module. Output will be HIGH when the module is powered on.

For details please visit the pin description of the product documentations.


power regulator of the HAT is a power switch of the HAT. gotcha