Wear more than one hat?

The FAQ says a 3G/4G Hat can work standalone with a RPi. For the most part, the only functions lost are power control and UART, which sounds limited anyway.

So, can more than one Hat connect to one RPi? Is there a limit? Is it okay to use a USB hub with lots of ports to connect them all? Is there any other way, besides USB, to connect more than one Hat to a RPi? I’m asking the question that way, because I want to understand if there’s a more efficient approach to connect more than one Hat. I want to avoid needing a 1:1 ratio of one RPi for every one Hat.


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Hi @bravoniner ,

If enough power is provided, more than one standalone HAT can be connected to the RPi.

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Just stack them on top of each other - via GPIO?

Yup, I got 2 and I can just stack them - basically, you’d add a long header GPIO extension thingy, then your first HAT. Then, there should be enough length to add another small header GPIO extension thingy on which you can have the 2nd HAT

I would show a picture but my long header extension pins are a bit damaged so the HAT won’t fit anymore