WAN Failover for Unifi with Jumpstart 5g

I am able to ping the internet from Jumpstart 5g modem. When I connect the unit to my UDM pro it will not provide internet or assign an IP address. Anyone help?

More over, if I connect the ethernet to my laptop it wont connect to the internet which is odd right?

I spent $520 on this in order to have a backup wan connection if primary isp fails. I can ping internet from usb0 but I need to have the lan port provide internet to wan2 of router. I am getting annoyed in the lack of support. I only have 2 week return window. Can someone help or even let me know if my scenario is even doable?

Hello @swvalenti ,

Apologies for the delay.

Did you share the internet of the cellular connection over the ethernet using the Network Manager?
Do you have an active internet connection on the cellular interface? (did you check it with ping only? could you kindly check it with www.google.com or any other website.)

Please feel free to share any logs or screenshots that you believe might help us better understand the issue.

No I did not. Can you tell me how to do that please. Yes I can ping Google on usb0 interface.

I figured it out in NM had to bridge both usb0 and eth0, it now works. Odd thing is i am only getting 20/4 when my phone on same cell network gets 110/40. Anything i need to change?


I assume it is due to the difference in the band and you may check if your carrier offers such difference on the band in use.
Could you please compare the bands the device and phone are using?
For Jumpstart you can use AT+QENG=“servingcell” AT command to check it.

it returns with “error”

@saeed Anything you can offer on this?

What are you using to issue the AT commands to the module?

Could you please try minicom?
If you are copy - pasting try typing in. (In some cases of copying " " signs may return error).

@saeed minicom doesnt launch. typed it in and still error. feel free to teamview

@saeed can we please figure this out…return window closing

Could you kindly share your schedule for teamviewer?

Don’t worry about it.

@saeed I am available anytime. Name it.

@saeed Hello???

pm sent to you via message