Very less 5G speed~5Mbps

We are using this Raspberry Pi 5G Development Kit with Quectel RM502Q-AE module and everything is done as per instruction on website but when internet speed is tested using sixfab 5g sim only around 5 Mbps speed is achieved. but in Quectel RM502Q-AE module datasheet it is around 4Gbps max download and 450 Mbps max upload speed is mentioned. It depends on network strength so is there any specific setup needed to increase network speed. Our goal is to achieve at least 1Gbps download speed.

Sixfab 5G SIM?

Please, check the FAQ of the Product

Make sure you have a 5G compatible SIM and your location covers the 5G network.

Ok i understood that it don’t support 5g but still 5-10 Mbps is very less speed even for 4g. We will check with At &T 5g sim also but can you verify that AT & T 5g sim will work on this device.

Hello Abishek,

Could you please test with another SIM mainly with native SIM?

Hi saeed,
Thanks for reply.
Can you suggest any sim like we will try with At & T sim but we want more sim options that can be tested.