V1.0 to V1.3.0 changes

Hello, I got several of these for an IoT project, that worked fine. They were V1.0, however, I purchased a few more of these V1.3.0 and they do not communicate via serial. These are being used in an odd manner, they are not on a raspberry pi. But V1.0 worked just fine. Is there a log of changes made?

In other news, is it possible to send these back? I accidentally selected the Verizon network.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @humam.shwaikh,

First thought is that there is something wrong with your serial communication setup. What is the host device you’re using right now to connect it to? Also, make sure to connect the 3.3V.

For this, please email to hello@sixfab.com and we will help you out ASAP.