Using 3G/4G base hat on RPi4 with Ubuntu 20.4

I am trying to use my 3G/4G base hat on Ubuntu 20.4.
I have wiringpi 2.52 installed but when I go to set up the hat I am not getting a PPP connection. is the hat incompatible with Ubuntu?


Which module are you using?
HAT is compatible but if you followed the PPP tutorial, the tutorial has been tested on Raspberry Pi OS.


i have the Quectel EC20 modem with the 3g/4g LTE base hat on a raspberrypi 4. i am running Ubuntu 20.4 on the Pi but the hat is not interfacing. I have followed tutorial and i understand that its for RPi OS, but I’m not using RPi OS.

Please consult the EC20 module vendor first. You can also catch the module debug log and share it by emailing or on the forum page to help to analyze it. You can use QLog to catch module debug logs.