UPS Hat - Discontinued

I have been working on a project that uses the UPS Hat, just getting into the final stages of design. However I just noticed that they are out of stock, on the web page it says that there is a problem with the power components and that it is being retired.

I am wondering if they are working on an updated version? Will the new version have the same form factor? Also, what exactly is wrong with the current version?

We are not working on another version of the HAT.
The current version doesn’t have any issues, it’s just the component supply issue.

Thank you for your reply. I for one am very sad to see this go, it is a great product. I beg you to reconsider retiring the product, maybe just mark it unavailable for now? :laughing: Please let us know if anything changes, without this power hat it means that life is pretty much going to be very dull from here on out.

Hello, We are glad you are satisfied with the product.
If the component supply issue resolves and you place a bulk order we can produce a batch for you. :grin:

How many units would a bulk order be? I have designed a couple cases which the Power hat is a key part of the design. I was only planning on selling just the case, but due to the circumstances I suppose I can try to sell the case with the power hat as a kit.



It would be at least 250 pcs.