UPS Hat Dead after updating

Hi ,

I was updating the UPS Hat to firmware 0.3.3 via the provided update script and the sixfab-power-API.
My UPS has now stopped functioning. It only shows the red LED on while everything else and my api scripts have stopped working. I reported this a few days ago to the github but I have had no replies?

Looking around the forum I don’t see much help being given to others either?
any help would be great.


Hi @ashish.thapa,

Did you get any errors while updating the firmware? Firmware update instructions are accessible here:

Alternatively, you can update the firmware on power.sixfab.

Hi buddy,

that is what I followed. If I recall it went all the way to 100%. Said please wait until system starts but my system never started again after that. Only the pwr light remained on. I can’t make any more API calls anymore nor do the buttons work. I had been using the power api since the initial power.sixfab software never worked for me.

Image for reference

Does L1 and L2 Slow Blink white?

I got a similar issue and do not know what the cause is.

A work around i found that works but is not ideal:

  1. Disconnect all power
  2. disconnect the LTE Hat completely from the UPS hat (GPIO & USB!)
  3. Boot the pi
  4. connect the LTE hat (GPIO & USB)
  5. reboot the pi.

Thank you for for work around but it does not work for me unfortunately.
My L1 & L2 are just dead. They do not light up at all except the PWR Led.


Thats to bad,

I updated the UPS hat to v0.3.3 and my issues seem to be gone.
Have you done this already?