Upgrade firmware on IoT HAT

I’m trying to upgrade the firmware on the IoT HAT and having some issues.

First of all, the link on the docs to QFlash doesn’t work. I found a link to a different version (4.16) in another thread in this forum, and was able to download and run it. It allows me to select the firmware zip file (BG96MAR04A04M1G_01.004.01.004.zip) but when I click Start I get the error “No blf file is found, this zip file maybe a invalid zip or you downloadmode is not right , please check it”

What is the procedure for updating the firmware?

Hi @tyrelh,

Thank you for pointing that out, the link has been updated.

You need to extract the files and select any .mbn file under the update directory.

You can follow the QFlash User Guide.


Thanks, I got it to work!