Upgrade FIrmware Not Possible

I could not get power.sixfab.com to properly connect with my device as described in this thread (Connected but No Data - #44 by kev.oue)

So upon trying the API offline I had the ‘int’ object is not subscriptable’ error. Which led me to this thread ('int' object is not subscriptable · Issue #7 · sixfab/sixfab-power-python-api · GitHub), they have fixed the problem, but unfortunately i cannot even upgrade my unit manually.

  1. I cannot establish a working connection on power.sixfab to upgrade the firmware automatically.
  2. I cannot upgrade the firmware manually, either normally, or in bootloader mode as laid out in the tutorial here: (Sixfab UPS HAT Manual Firmware Update Instructions)

I have a new unit on the way, I would just like to get to the bottom of the problem though if possible.

Is this something that is being looked at by the developers? I dont really like being left out in the cold. Should I throw this thing away?

Hi Kev,

I don’t work for sixfab but I can give you a few pointers. I hope it helps.

I had the issue of being unable to upgrade my software version as well via the power api. I updated my pi via the power software (after 1 week or errors) to the latest version and let me tell you. I still get ‘int’ object is not subscriptable or a NoneType error.

One thing you can always try is installing the power software in a fresh OS. My work sometimes blocks connections so you could try seeing if there is any conflicts there in your firewall. Alternatively, Try restarting the power agent

sudo systemctl restart power_agent.service
sudo systemctl restart power_request.service

Back to power api - run this before calling anything from the power api. Power api python module & power.sixfab always conflicts.

sudo systemctl stop power_agent.service
sudo systemctl stop power_request.service

For power api python calls, the best way I’ve come to sort this is try to wrap your code to ensure that you retry it a few times and return the expected outcome from your queries. You can use the retry library & use this as an example Here. In my opinion help you get is a hit and miss from the devs. You have to email them religiously to even get a one line reply back dismissing your queries.

Good luck