Updated OS - now offline


I noticed my Sixfab firmware needed updating today so I clicked the button to do that. It updated successfully.

Doing this reminded me that I had not updated the OS on the Raspberry Pi in a while. I had some unused data left at the end of the month, so I went to the Remote Terminal and typed:
Sudo apt update
Sudo apt upgrade
These went fine and everything installed properly. Next, I rebooted.
Sudo reboot

Of course the terminal lost connection as expected. However, the device remains offline.

Will it eventually connect on its own? Do I have to physically visit the device to perform a hard reset?


Just a quick update. A hard reset was what was needed.

Is there a way to update the Pi and have the modem reconnect without needing a hard reset?


Was there an error during boot operation after reboot?
If the RPi has started successfully, the CORE services will reconnect.

Hi @ensar, thanks for responding.

There didn’t appear to be errors on reboot, just that the CORE didn’t reconnect. After unplugging the power and booting up from scratch, it worked normally.

I can do an experiment this week (rebooting the pi from the command line) to see if this behavior repeats itself or is just a one-off glitch. I want to be right there to unplug the power if I need to, so it could be a couple of days before I can get to it.

I had a moment to check on the Raspberry Pi today. I used the terminal to execute a sudo reboot now command. The modem was offline for a short time but came right back online. Seems to be working fine now and handled the reboot event as expected.

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