Unsuccesful migration from lte base shield ver2 to lte base hat

I created a stack composed of a pi 4, a pijuice ups, an lte base shield ver2 and a cluster hat. Everything worked perfectly. Switching the lte module to the base hat, I get a message that cluster hat is not present.
Trouble shooting, I tried the lte hat on usb only (hat not stacked with the rest) and all is working. I also tried with all the trace of the gpio’s cutted on the lte hat but it did not worked. I suspect something is wrong with the uart pins (trace not closed with weld).What else is different between lte hat and lte shield that could cause this issue?

Chris from cluster Hat suggested a conflict between lte hat and cluster hat eeprom’s.

Hi @mario.boulet,

As Chris says, a conflict occurs.
They can work together, but one of the HATs cannot be detected.