Unsopported SIM, can't register BATELCO SIM

I have been using the 3g/4g lte base hat together with prepaid SIMs , it couldn’t register in BAHRAIN / BATELCO telecom operator.
I am using a lorawan RAK2247 SPI concentrator and it fails to run with the sigfox rpi HAT.Anyhow, do i have to buy SIM only from Sixfab or I can use local data SIMs?

Wehn I connect a USB Lora concentrator, it connect to the Zain network but no ping to
pi@raspberrypi:~/sx1302_hal/packet_forwarder $ comgt -d /dev/ttyUSB3
SIM ready
Waiting for Registration…(120 sec max)
Registered on Roaming network: “ZAIN BH”,7
Signal Quality: 31,3


Hi @dpasquazzo,

Sixfab CORE solution doesn’t support other SIM. A SIM other than Sixfab SIM cannot be registered to Sixfab Connect. For different SIM users should follow the user manual of the mini PCIe module.