Unexpected charges

I posted previous about unexpected charges ($26) against my SIM and I see my previous post has been deleted from the forum. Another user (@dncworks) chimed in on that post and said he also had unexpected charges on his SIM. There has been no response from sixfab. I expect this post will also be deleted.

To add insult to injury, the charges occurred when the modem (LE910C4) wasn’t functional. I could not ping the internet and I would see “Cellular Connection Unavailable” on the SIM console. Later, @ensar fix my modem magically and now I can ping the internet, but I have a $26 charge against my SIM I would like removed. (I say magically because @ensar provided no explanation on how the model was fixed. I gave remote support access and it was fixed. I’d really like to know what was fixed in case I encounter a dead modem again, but no root-cause or fix was provided).


Apologies for delaying the response and the deletion of the post.

I just got the details of your account balance and data usage. So far, A total of $46 was charged in your account. Among it, $14.31 is still available as your account balance.

Among the purchased amount(i.e $31.69) $2 is monthly and $29.69 is for the data usage which is around 297MB. (Will send you the data usage details)

Initially you had a limit of 100MB, which was already used before Ensar provided you support. Then you were needed to switch to unlimited to get the connection back. Once you did it, the connection got fixed.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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I’ve also had an issue with over charging. I had purchased a data package with a subscription to avoid pay-as-you-go charges. But after consuming all the MB’s in the package CORE flipped over to pay-as-you-go instead of applying the additional MB’s to the next data package.

Support is looking into this but as yet they have not provided an explanation.

One note this happened shortly after updating the Agent and Manager modules.
Agent Version: 1.7.1
Agent module up-to-date.

Manager Version: 1.9.1
Manager module up-to-date.

I believe this has been addressed on a different channel.
Thank you