Unboxing and a few questions

Hi !

Very excited to have my new UPS hat! :grinning: Installed…but with a few issues. Now for some questions and comments. If these are answered somewhere, please point me there as I could not find them…

  1. Would like to see some additional unboxing / assembly instructions. The current video is nice…but a little quick if you are trying to follow real-time.

    • not clear from the video which header to use. (shorter one verses longer one). I initially used the shorter one and had to swap it out.
    • would suggest getting shorter screws for the fan assembly so the screws don’t touch the RPi board. I am thinking of how to maybe just put a filler in the fan holes and one can possibly use screws that would be flush.
  2. does one need to install the pogo pin? I have a RPi 4. I think they were needed on the RPi 3. Is it’s installation documented somewhere?

  3. Would like to see a little more in the way of command line program examples. I suspect there are those of us that will be running the board headless, and possibly not connected to the internet and would like some examples for automated shutdown (+/- restart upon resumption of external power). I will be playing around with the graphical program, though.

  4. Any way to have the power LED turn off if everything is shut down?

Thanks for a great product!

  • Mike

Hi @mckimzey :raised_back_of_hand:,

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We will consider it. :yellow_heart:

For soft power on, the pogo pin needs to be soldered.

Edit: Sixfab UPS HAT Pogo Pin Mount - Video

You can cut the trace between the pads in the picture.