Unable to connect to cellular network

I’ve been having issues with the general setup of this device. I purchased the raspberry pi cellular IoT Kit (LTE-M) and followed the getting started guide step by step. When I sign into the sixfab dashboard I can see that the dashboard recognizes the HAT, however I don’t believe that anything is actually connection to a cellular network. The signal quality appears to be unknown and under interface priority in the configurations section of the dashboard the wwan0 interface shows as red. I apologize in advance if this information is scarce, I’m fairly new to this kind of hardware. Is there a step I could have missed in the setup process?916904db6958d4e286e5b331403d7be0

I should also mention that the information under the sim card section is unknown.

I’ve also attached a picture of the device to be safe.


If you activate the remote support setting of your device and share the support key with me, I can help.
Could you please share your remote-support token so that I can check and solve it?