Unable to communicate to LoRa HAT

Hi everyone,

I have purchased two LoRa Raspberry Pi Cellular Gateway Development Kits. I’ve been using the installation script provided in the description of the product to install softwares related to the LTE and LoRa HATs.

The LTE HAT is working properly but I am unable to get the LoRa HAT working. To be more accurate, I can’t get a reply from the SX1301 on the SPI bus. All I get are zeros. I’ve tested the SPI interface on the RPi it works fine. The interface selection button is on SPI. The PWR LED is on.
Moreover, It seems well supplied: 3.3V measured on the pad of the PCI connector’s footprint and separed from the RPi, I’ve connected it to a DC supply at 5V. The current drawn increases from 10mA to 30mA in a few seconds. So the HAT seems to be running but the communication failing.

Has anyone experienced this?

I’ll be soon testing on the second HAT I have from the second gateway to confirm if it is a hardware defect.


Gabriel Lucas