Ultra Low Power

There is an example called “ultra-low-power” in the SDK but the SDK appears to be missing something.

AttributeError: ‘PicoLTE’ object has no attribute ‘ulp’

It seems like this was part of the SDK least year but got removed or fully refactored since then.
I haven’t traced where it got removed and didn’t get it included yet.

But here is the link to the upl.py module → https://github.com/sixfab/pico_lte_micropython-sdk/blob/0109790d7bff8e337a1980289a894ac9aee62d2b/core/modules/ulp.py

Hey! As @HDGoldi mentioned, it was a part of the SDK last year, and removed within PR #82. Removal of ultra-low power module was necessary due to the change of electronics of the board. The old file accesses the 11th pin for precise timer module, which is not available on the current board. Check out the electronics here.

For your own implementation, you can use BG95’s own power saving methods and combine them with RP2040 microcontroller’s to create an ultra-low configuration. That would be a very nice project for the open source community! I hope that helps :slight_smile: