UDP Support or Example

I hope someone can help me with a minor UDP Example.
My use case is very basic, and I dont need to use MQTT or HTTP for communication - I would instead work with basic UDP.

I found some examples for UDP with the Pico, but they dont work with the board.

Does anyone have some quick examples of how to get a UDP socket opened an a simple string sent using the Pico LTE SDK?

Hi, the Pico LTE SDK supports TCP but not UDP. However, you can communicate over UDP using AT Commands. Please refer to this document for detailed information. Additionally, there are UDP service examples in sections 3.8 and 3.9.

To communicate using AT Commands with your modem, the ATCom() class will be useful. Here is an explanation for it: Troubleshooting

That was my try as well.
But the SDK seems to have issues with AT Commands that include " by documentation.
So for example to open the UDP Service AT+QIOPEN=1,2,"UDP SERVICE","",0,3030,0

Any recommendations on that?

If you need to include characters " or ’ within an AT command, you should use a backslash ( \ ) before them.

For example, consider the following line:

at_command = "AT+QIOPEN=1,2,\"UDP SERVICE\",\"0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1\",0,12345,0"

I’m waiting for your successful results. Good luck!