Tips to increase Internet Speed on PPP with Telit ME910C1-WW

Hi, I am following this documentation for my project:

I wanted to test my internet connection(using speedtest-cli) with the PPP after all the setup, and I get:
Download: 0.01mb/s
Upload 0.11mb/s

I know this module is relatively slow in terms of speed, but are there any tips to increase the speed somehow?


Is your speed in megabits or megabytes? Do you have any use case? Are there other services using cellular internet in the background? Additionally, you can select CAT-M1 or NB-IoT LTE technologies with the AT#WS46 AT command.

Hi ensar,
The speed is in megabits. I need to upload an approximate 10MBytes video in one minute or less, that’s my requirement speed. However, I tried uploading the same video, and it takes forever, even after 10 minutes it’s still uploading.

I don’t think there are any background processes using the internet in the background. Just to double check that, is there any we could see that?

I tried the speedtest on each one of the technologies, and this is what I got(units in megabits):


Download: 0.02
Upload: 0.11

Catm1(preferred) and NB-IoT
Download: 0.03
Upload: 0.19

Catm1 and NB-IoT(preferred)
Download: 0.03
Upload: 0.18

The best seems to be the Catm1(preferred) and NB-IoT, and I will use that. However, are there any other additional changes that can be done to speed it up?

You can monitor internet traffic with a tool to detect background processes. Sixfab SIM does not support NB-IoT; reboot the modem after changing the mode and check. If possible, check if there are faster network options available in your area. Some areas might have better coverage which could provide significantly faster upload speeds.