Tiny Lab and SDFormatter and DataLogger


After many years I got my Tiny Lab back up and running however I am having a problem trying to get the SD card working. I am using an 8 Gig card trying to run the tinylab/libraries/SdFat/examples/SdFormatter at master · sixfab/tinylab · GitHub (The card works fine on the PC)

It compiles okay but gets this message

Warning, all data on the card will be erased.
Enter ‘Y’ to continue: Y

Options are:
E - erase the card and skip formatting.
F - erase and then format the card. (recommended)
Q - quick format the card without erase.

Enter option: F

SD initialization failure!
Is the SD card inserted correctly?
Is chip select correct at the top of this program?
error: card.begin failed
SD error: 20,0

My goal is to build a temperature data logger and send data to the SD card.

Can anybody please help solve the SD card problem and if you have sample temperature data loggers using the tiny lab that would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, anyone, in advance!

Merry Christmas and HAppy New Year