This device broke my wifi so it eats up my cellular data

Ever since I installed the SixCORE onto my raspberry pi4, it has literally disabled my wifi from even working.
I bought 500 MB of data, after it ate $5 just from running for 1 hour (idle, mind you)

I was trying to keep a close eye on the “data package” page and it was not updating
Now suddenly I owe almost $34, are you guys for real?

I can’t even use WiFi, so you guys charge me for cellular data, pinging me like the CIA.
I don’t believe I want to use this service, especially when 171 MBs is apparently 1 gigabyte it seems
I don’t actually know how much data I use because your API page is broken.

Hi @keh.mario ,

I’m sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience.
Sixfab CORE cannot disable its Wi-Fi, as it does not possess such a capability. After the installation, it sets the cellular interface as the default backup. Can you please send me the ICCID of the SIM you are using via PM? How did you set the network interface priority? You will not be charged for any cellular data that you have not used. Could you please provide more details on the error on the API page?

I’ll be honest,
I have no idea how to use this forum.

When I mean “broken”
I mean, it takes literally forever to load.
No errors, just doesn’t load.
and by the time it does, I got an email saying I’m almost 500 MB over the limit.

I don’t know how I have the network interfaces set, as far as I know, it’s the default.
then again, I wasn’t ever sure that it was even working, I don’t normally use Raspberry Pi

The thing that was not obvious was that the NB-IoT does not work with SixFab’s CORE APN,
so through frustration, I went through every possible documentation, even outside this site to look for answers, so I don’t know, what I did, but after that, the WiFi absolutely refuses to connect

How do I send PMs?

What exactly do you mean by ‘doesn’t load’? Can you specify a page? Can you describe how you made the API requests and responses? You can set the interface priority by navigating to the ‘configurations’ section in the device dashboard under CORE → Devices tab. Note that the support for NB-IoT is related to Sixfab SIM and not Sixfab CORE. Sixfab SIM does not support NB-IoT, but you can use a different SIM that supports it. Please keep in mind that if you use a different SIM, you will not be able to use Sixfab CORE. Your SIM is currently inactive, so it won’t incur any charges. Your network priority was the last set as follows:

  1. eth0 (Ethernet)
  2. wlan0 (Wi-Fi)
  3. wwan0 (Cellular)
  4. usb0 (Cellular)

It’s very difficult to differentiate between SIM and CORE at this point, so someone who’s smoothbrained like myself have difficulty and frustration using this platform.
There’s a Total Data Usage and Data Package page in the Sixfab Connect Sixfab Connect | SIM & Data Management page. This page especially did not load quick enough for me to know that my data was straight burned up.
and as I said, my Raspberry Pi no longer connects to WiFi ever since I got the cellular working

This was supposed to be a school project, and at this point the costs absolutely do NOT justify the ends (I’m paying for this myself) and at this point, it would have cheaper to just use a low budget LTE phone, as that provides the hotspot that I wanted.
I probably paid more in the delivery fee alone and time lost in between transits

So I’m sorry, but I won’t be using this platform

I’ve tested this Sixfab HAT with multiple modems
Sierra Wireless MC7455 and MC7354
Gemalto PLS8
and at that point I had no choice but to try the modems you guys sell
first with the NB-IoT modem (which I lost days trying to figure out why it was not resolving)
and then I bought the CAT-1 modem

It’s down-speed was actually atrocious and not meeting spec, it took 20 minutes to download 171 MB package (this is where the fiasco starts)
it lost connection, and I’m not saying I know what’s going on, but it looks like Sixfab decides it’s going to retry on its own and charge me the pleasure?
because if you look at the history, that looks like 5½ retries.

I can’t afford this anymore.