Telit LE910Cx Tracing / debug/ diagnostics


does anyone know how to get Telit debug/diagnostic logs under Linux? from what I could discover from the docs one of the USB ports should be for diagnostics and you can enable it with AT#TRACE=1 - I did that, however not seeing any debug info on any of the other ttyUSB ports

I suspect that it might need something like QLog that collects logs from a debug port, but I am yet to find anything (and especially nothing for Linux)


You can use our QC_trace_collector tool for this.

Windows / Linux

In the archives you can find guide and dmc mask.


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Oh! Wonderful! I’ll look forward to testing this out in the morning!

Hi @ensar - unfortunately the house got attacked by stomach flu so ive only just had a chance to look at this now;

I downloaded the linux version, and found a .deb inside which is for AMD64 qc-trace-collector_1.13.4-0_amd64.deb - which is not so useful for a Raspberry Pi…

do you have a build for Raspberry Pi? (I know that source is only available under NDA from Telit, so hoping you have that in place and can do a build)