Telit Firmware update failure

Has anyone had issues applying the firmware update on the Telit modules, I have several of them(LE910C1-EU) and some failed to update, I can’t find anything on rolling back/factory reset etc so I can try again, have tried several times on different base hats and its definitely the Telit module that is the problem. I need the update as it fixes the really slow TTFF.


I have the same issue. After, what I thought was a successful firmware update, my LE910C4-NF is no longer responsive.

I had to give up on the whole SixFab/Telit game as it was just one glitch/hurdle after another. To get my project over the line and into the field I resorted to a simple USB GNSS patch, a fairly comprehensive re-factoring and wrote the remote diagnostics/login off as a ‘do it later item’ on the project deliverables. I do intend to revisit the SixFab kit and try again when the deadlines aren’t so tight as they look like exactly what i need, but I think some significant effort is required to get them playing nicely. Good luck with yours, afraid I can’t help as I didn’t get a resolution to mine.