SYMLINK representation in provider

I have sixfab lte base bat for raspberry and i use without a problem. BUT, I have a system which is connected via USB to raspberry. HAT connected via USB. So, in the port name, sometimes i encountered a problem about port naming. In the /etc/ppp/peers/provider usb name is USB9 but in same cases the port name is changing. So, I have to SYMLINK it and make it USB name as persistent which was I did. The problem is; I do not know how I represent/write the SYMLINK in the provider?


ttyLTE → ttyUSB9 (sometimes ttyUSB8 etc.)

How can I write the ttyLTE name in the provider file?

Thank you team!

Edit: I want to say; Should I only write ‘/dev/ttyUSB9’ , ‘/dev/ttyUSB8’ or ‘/dev/ttyUSB7’ etc. USB names? Or, can I write the symlinks of the USB’s in the provider? Does the provide file can understand it?