Support for Quectel 5G Module RM500Q

Hi there,

Does this HAT support LTA 5G Modules like Quectel RM500Q ?

Also, what is the current communication interface is used between Pi & 4G Module? Is it USB 2.0.

Can this Hat communicate over USB 3.0 or 3.1 ?


Hello Junaid,

The Module is not a mini PCIe.

Currently the communication between the RPi and the 4G module is over USB2.0. The HAT cannot communicate over USB 3.X.

Thanks for the confirmation

Hi @ansari.junaida ,

5G Developer Kit for Raspberry Pi is on the way! :tada:

We are pleased to announce to Raspberry Pi 5G Development Kit, which we have prepared for use for 5G next-generation technology.

Now you can use 5G modules with Raspberry Pi 5G HAT.

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