Starting the Modem on Boot - PWRKEY "push"

I am working on a project where I have a power control board set to power down the raspberry after a certain amount of time. I’ve noticed that power gets cut to the Cellular IoT HAT as well which is fine. Problem is when it reboots the cellular doesn’t boot up.

Is there a way through code to replicate pushing the PWRKEY at boot? That way the system starts up and is able to connect to the internet? Not much of a coder here, just cobbling things together and learning as I build.

I am currently set up with a Raspberry Pi 3+, a SleepyPi2 Powermanagement Hat, and the Cellular IoT on top.

I am patiently waiting on the SixFab Power Management Hat to arrive so I can test that as well!

Nevermind, believe I figured it out by utilizing and editing the sendSMS python code!

Great if you have solved it, just for explanation I am adding it.

You can install the library first, then use the following script to power up.

from cellulariot import cellulariot
import time

#node = cellulariot.CellularIoT() # for Sixfab CellularIoT HAT
node = cellulariot.CellularIoTApp() # for Sixfab CellularIoT App. Shield


Thanks Saeed.

That’s what I ended up figuring out!

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