Stacking Hats for multiple wwan connections

Is there an easy solution to have multiple SIM cards and be able to automatically switch to the one that has the strongest signal ?

I have not seen anything on that topic in the forum.

I have tried to stack up 2 LTE hats on top of each others. Only one of them gets recognized. I only get a wwan1 on ifconfig. (Not sure why 1 instead of 0)

Anyone would have any suggestions on how to get that setup ? If I have access to the 2 wwan interface, then I could query the Signal strength on both with an AT command and route to the strongest one.

But I am not sure how to go about having both wwan interfaces recognized.


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I guess I am answering this as I have found the solution.

quectel-CM has a flag -i to specify the interface so

you can specify -i wwan0 for the first one and -i wwan1 for the second

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