Some differences between the schematic of the Base HAT and the datasheet from Quectel

I’m using the Base HAT to develop a prototype and I see some differences between the schematic of the HAT and the datasheet from Quectel:

  1. Quectel says that Pin24 should not be connected but in your HAT is connected to 3.3 V. Is it correct? The thing here is that the HAT works perfectly but the recommendation from Quectel is other.
  2. The PERST pin in your schematic seems to be not connected. Is that correct?
  3. The W_DISABLE# pin (input to put the Quectel in Airplane mode) is used for something? I mean, is used by the software that you provide?

Thank you very much.


Thanks for the feedback on your experience.

  1. The Base HAT is not only compatible with the Quectel modules but also with the Telit and U-blox modules. Other than Quectel, this pin is used as 3.3V. Therefore, connected to work compatible with other modules. Quectel has confirmed that the 3.3V connection to this pin will not be a problem.
  2. Yes, it is not connected, instead it can turn the HAT on and off completely.
  3. This feature is not available in our software. You can do this with AT commands. Please activate to use. Don’t forget this.

Yet another observation on the RPi_Base_Hat schematic (version as of 11.09.2019 18:14):

  1. The “soldering jumpers” for UART_RX and UART_TX (open/non-connected by default) seem named JP1 and JP2 in schematic, but marked SJ7 and SJ8 on PCB

Thank you Thomas for your feedback.

We will update the files.
Appreciate it.