Soldering or Activating Internal Active Antenna with LTE Base Shield

Hi ,
I have internal active antenna (Internal Active GPS Patch Antenna - 15dB - 25mm x 25mm - u.FL Plug - Sixfab) and 3G-4G/LTE Base Shield and I use Quectel EC25-E on the base hat.

However I couldn’t make them work together. I bought passive antenna too but does not work in rainy weather conditions.

I want to set this active antenna with the base shield. Can you help me how to use them together with step by step explanation?

Thank you for your help.

Seconding this, I’m afraid I’m not seeing whether or not this is necessary for an active antenna.

For the telit module I see that it is not necessary to make modifications:

But I haven’t gotten a clear answer on the Quectel module yet.