Soldering external buttons

I have soldered on some.external buttons. The hard power button works but the soft power button causes a short which leaves the ‘PWR’ led on and the board becomes unresponsive u til all power is removed and than repowered.

I took the button off and swapped a new button in with the same result. I tried using the ground from button 1 with the same result. I desoldered and desoldered the button with the same results. If I use the built in button everything works fine but all external buttons for S2 don’t work.

Plz help, this is the last thing I need to do before I can deploy my project.

I desoldered the wires and cleaned the pads off. I shorted the 2 pads with the same result. The indicator led and the 3rd led (heartbeat) turn off but the PWR led stays on. The board doest respond to any button presses until you remove all power and than reapply power. So from the factory the S2 pads cause a short on my board. Can anyone else try and report back?

Hi @tyler.price,
Thank you very much for your inquiry. We understand your concern and I am confident we can fix this for you. Could you share an image of the HAT? Please keep your firmware up to date.
Also try soldering the pad/pin shown in the picture.