Soft boot after soft shutdown not working

Got a RPI4 and soldered the pogo pin straight down.
It ends up on GLOBAL_EN on the RP4, while the tutorial video on RPI3 the pin ends up on RUN

Should I put the pogo pin on RUN on RPI4?

Right now it soldered as to end up on GLOBAL_EN

The soft shutdown works when i long press S2.
But the system won’t power back on when i short press S2.

sudo reboot also stopped actually rebooting the device. it shuts down and doesn’t boot back up.

I’d like confirmation before i start resoldering stuff.

EDIT i’m using the latest RPI4 firmware after running rpi-update

I have exactly the same question, does someone knows if we need to ends up on GLOBAL_EN for the RPi 4?

Try to update the power hat firmware through it seems to work fine for me now with the pin on GLOBAL_EN. I think 6fab made a fix in one of their updates.

Thank you, it works!